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Men's Lily Cross Beaded Bracelet

Group Bracelet
Min. Order 30 piece
Terms of Payment all
Update Time 2019-12-12
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Designer's Notes
We design a beaded bracelet with stainless steel dutch lily cross pendant. The lily cross is in the form of a Celtic Cross with the four arms of the Cross each ending in a lily flower. It is popular for Easter celebrations and funerals, and therefore sometimes known as the Easter Cross, Paschal Cross or Funeral Cross. In Christian art, the lily represents purity, chastity, virtue, and innocence.
Bracelet Sizing for Men
Small: 7.5"
Average: 8"
Large: 8.5-9"
Extra Large: 9.5"
How to care for my jewelry
Choose a closed, clean and dry place for your items. It is best to place them separately. Avoid wearings them doing housework or working outdoors. Do not wear beaded jewelry while showering, swimming or making-up. Wipe afer wearing.
It is 7-15days to USA