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The Different Between Crystals and Cubic Zirconia

publisher: Matgot
Time: 2020-01-08
Summary: Because both sparkles like diamond, Cubic zirconia and crystal are the materials that are often used on the jewelry but do you know the difference between these two materials.
Because both sparkles like diamond, cubic zirconia and crystals are the materials that are often used on the jewelry but do you know the difference between these two materials? let me briefly explain it to you.
Crystals and cubic zirconia are made of two completely different materials. But we don't need to know its specific chemical materials, we just need to observe them from appearance and quality.
Firstly, most crystals usually have a coating on the bottom so that manufacturers can easily attach it to jewelry. Crystals are usually set in brass to take advantage of the reflective quality of the metal backing, which gives the crystals its sparkle. So when it is glued on jewelry, usually you will see the black edge of the crystals. Like this:

Since cubic zirconia is similar to diamond and doesn't require extra help to reflect light, these gem substitutes are often set in precious metals such as gold and silver.
In terms of cost, in fact, CZ costs much more than crystals. Crystals generally cost less than cubic zirconia since they are made out of a variety of different materials. Cubic zirconia is made in the laboratory from zirconia to simulate the appearance of a diamond. Much luxurious design can only use CZ, as it will look cheap if use crystals.

Which is better? Which is more sparkling?
Crystals have many different qualities, the best brand is what we know as "Swarovski".
Cubic zirconia is also available in different qualities, with value in perfect cutting and purity.
It's hard to judge which one is better. The key lies in what jewelry price you want.
But if you want to find a piece of jewelry that sparkles like diamonds and has a high-end design, then we recommend cubic zirconia.

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