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Retile's Colltion

publisher: Margot
Time: 2019-10-11
Summary: As we have already said, the Reptiles are usually a symbol of independence, adaptation, solitude, freedom and also the symbol of our subconscious mind.

Designer Frank Schumacher loves 
reptiles and draws inspiration 
from the skin of reptiles, applying
 it to jewelry, and has this

 Retiles's Collection

As we have already said, 
the Retiles are usually a symbol 
of independence, adaptation 
solitude, freedom and also 
the symbol of our subconsious mind.

It endows wearer a touch of wildness. 
Put it on, and reptile skin 
become one of yous. 
Show your wildness and
 power to the world.

 We have a variety of designs for you 
to choose pendant. You can also 
combine a new style necklace with
different pendant, also can choose
 leather or stainless steel chain necklace

We offer a magnificent collection of 
exquisite rings, necklaces, bracelets,
 earrings and charms from contemporary, 
classic to vintage inspired designs.

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