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Passion Collection

publisher: Margot
Time: 2019-09-26
Summary: Love, hate, and fear are passions. Here are the Passion collections: Live your own life Do what ever you want Be what ever you are



Love, hate, and fear are passions

Here are the Passion collections:

Live your own life

Do, what ever you want

Be, what ever you are


collection 3.jpg

The Passion collection is the most

popular collection for women.

It is loved by glitter mineral dust,

soft lines, and distinctive design.


Golden Dust 1.jpg


The graceful dancers shimmered and then

met with Annette Hanekamp's brushstrokes

to create a series of fascinating pieces.




The beauty of each product is combined

with the selected mineral dust color and

novel shape design to fully

display the elegance of women.




The passion collection brings a touch of elegance.

 Romantic design and exquisite colors shine

on the skin and enhance beauty.


Grey Line 1.jpg


It is always a good time to wear or give a Fitanole Jewelry.

Rings, necklaces with pendants, bracelets,

all of which are elegant and refined temptations

with deeply recognizable elements.


Purple Line 1.jpg


Elegant glitters

Beautiful light

Created the Passion Collection.

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