Fitanole Jewelry Co.

Fitanole Jewelry Designer Annette Hanekamp.

Time: 2019-08-09
Summary: German versatile jewellery designer.
Fitanole Jewelry Designer Annette Hanekamp
Since 2008 the german artist Annette Hanekamp (* 1965) is the creative spirit behind the brand KINGKA and responsible for many designs and corporate identity of the label. Being significant for her creations is her huge range of innovative ideas, humor and her exceptional talent for aesthetics and trends. Not only focus on jewellery, but she also works on her own art creations. As a songwriter, singer, and guitarist she is also creating music with her band. All this exudes volumes of detail and emotion. Due to her exceptional style, which is characterized by authentic, unique creations, contributed to the story of the brand. She describes jewelry and fashion as "wearable art". Nothing is permanent but change.

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